Saturday, August 12, 2017

Fantastic, Phenomenal Phalarope Flocks

Most people in southwestern Ontario probably know about the long-staying Phalaropes at the East Essex S.L. The funny thing about this sighting was that day by day, it seemed more Phalaropes incrementally appeared. I had gone on one occasion and I had not seen any. Then on my second try, I was able to see 5 Red-necked Phalaropes and 2 Wilson's! I also had a Kory and Jeremy H sighting!

At Ojibway, I have not been too active recently due to the fact that I've taken four university night courses this summer. The occasional walk has revealed some decent sightings though. I had seen a small family of four Eastern Bluebirds (both parents and two juveniles).  Back in early August, Dense Blazingstar was at peak bloom. I made it out occasionally just to appreciate how cool they are. I also noted my first square stemmed Monkeflower (Mimulus ringens).

I've come across a few good birding related articles over rhe last few days and thought i would share. Great reading!

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Good Birding!


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